2022 Event ProgrammingInnovation Village marks its further growth in 2022 thanks to a programme full of own brand theme events.

24 March 2022

Innovation Village Agrifood – WINE FOCUS

Rione Terra – Pozzuoli

Experts and players of the wine sector will discuss the trends and phenomena generated by the innovation processes in the wine economy ecosystem.

Spring 2022

IV Meridian Thinking Lab

University of Campania Studies “Luigi Vanvitelli” – Monumental Complex of the Belvedere of San Leucio, Caserta

Presentation of the Innovation Village Meridian Thinking Lab 2022 Agenda/manifesto – a permanent think tank coordinated by Officina Vanvitelli and focussed on the potential of the digital revolution in a “human centred” way.

22 June 2022

Procida Hac(K)ultura

Phase I – Procida Hall, Procida

Procida Hac(k)ultura is a stage that Innovation Village dedicates to the territorial innovation driven by culture, starting from the very impressive landscape of Procida, Italy’s Capital of Culture for 2022. In this first event, local and national stakeholders will be involved in a set of specific challenges related to environmental issues related to islands, sustainable mobility, the enhancement of cultural heritage and the creation of new models of cultural fruition. At the end of the two days of work, the challenges will be made official and launched for the debate involving heterogeneous groups of experts.

9 May 2022


Città della Scienza, Naples

Call opening of the Innovation Village Award 2022

12 July 2022

“Phygital Sustainability EXPO” IV Award

Archeological area of The Imperial Fora, Rome

Final of the special section of the IV Award “Phygital Sustainability EXPO”  in collaboration with Sustainable Fashion Innovation Society, dedicated to the ecological transition of fashion and design brands.

14 October 2022

“La cultura non isola” IV Award

Procida Hall, Procida

Final of the special section of the “La cultura non isola” IV Award. The finalist projects will be presented and awarded during the event. Those who will be ranked first will access the general final during IV Stage II.

*A play-on-words in Italian: “isola” can be read as a noun “island” and/or a verb, i.e. “culture does not isolate”.

from May to November 2022

Esercizi sul futuro

Monastery of Santa Margherita Nuova, Procida

Planet transformations inspire eight meetings – one on the 22nd of each month, in a workshop on a small island – involving sociologists, scientists, historians, psychoanalysts , botanists, to question themselves about the multiple contradictions of contemporaneity, to foster a new citizenship awareness.

15-16 October 2022

Procida Hac(K)ultura

Phase II – Procida Hall, Procida

The second phase of the Hackathon of Procida Capitale italiana della Cultura 2022 involves heterogeneous groups of innovators who are asked to work out feasible solutions to the challenges of Procida Hac(k)ultura. The best solutions will be awarded during the hackathon final ceremony.

27-28 October 2022


Città della Scienza, Naples

The main stage of the 2022 Innovation Village Edition, with conferences, meetings, workshops, the 2022 IV Award final, the B2B and R2B meetings of the Virtual Brokerage event 2022.

FocusFind out more about the next edition of Innovation Village

Circular Economies

New materials and high performance materials

Cultural systems and territory design

Clean and renewable energies


GuidelinesFind out more about the next edition of Innovation Village

Social innovation, sustainability, and impact

Open innovation and technological transfer ecosystems

Enabling technology and digital transition


Skill development and adaptation

Virtual Brokerage Event 2022organised by ENEA - Enterprise Europe Network - Bridg€conomies Consortium

Virtual Brokerage Event @ Innovation Village 2022, organised by ENEA – Enterprise Europe Network – Bridg€conomies Consortium, gives the participants the occasion to meet with businesses, startups and international research centres working on new technology for environmental and energy transitions. It is also an opportunity to stay updated about the latest developed technology, the technical challenges big companies face, and the demand for innovation from institutions and towns. The aim of the initiative is to identify opportunities for technological and commercial partnerships, promote collaboration and research projects, while intercepting business opportunities to reach out to new markets.

How does it work
30 minute B2B meetings are pre-organised to let companies and research centres introduce their technological ideas and solutions, find partners for both the design and development of new products and processes, meet with players on the basis of specific innovation needs. Working groups – focussed on establishing collaborations with regard of national and international calls and opportunities – are available by appointment and open to a limited number of businesses, institutions, and other players. To apply participants are requested to register their business profile on the international brokerage platform. All registered subjects are allowed to browse the profiles, request an appointment with other participants – on the basis of their own interest – then create their own agenda.

The International Brokerage event in numbers
In five editions, the Brokerage event has involved 959 companies, research centres, universities, and startups from 37 European and extra-European countries.

Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) is a network that the European Commission launched in 2008 to help Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to improve their competitiveness, develop their innovation potential and expand into international markets. The Network offers SMEs advanced consultancy and advice services for free, in more than 50 countries, in all Europe and in several other countries worldwide, thanks to more than 600 partners – Chambers of Commerce, regional development agencies, universities, research centres, and professionals.

Innovation Village AwardIs given annually in collaboration with the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development - ASviS, Alleanza Italiana per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile and ENEA


Is given annually in collaboration with the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development (ASviS, Alleanza Italiana per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile) and ENEA, to “discover” and enhance innovation experiences to support sustainable development.

On 25 September 2015 the United Nations adopted the Global Agenda for Sustainable Development and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), set in 169 targets to be achieved within 2030. The aim of the Innovation Village Award is to enhance the innovation experiences created on the territories.

A technology/product/solution already marketed or at least tested as a prototype or pilot, developed in the last two years, that has added or will add value and demonstrable benefits in terms of sustainable development and is connected to one or more of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The Sectors
Digital manufacturing |Design |Building Industry |New Materials |Digital Craftsmanship | Smart Technologies | IT | Internet of Things |Robotics |Accessibility |Cultural Heritage | Social Innovation| Life Sciences | Health | Environment | Agriculture |Mobility |Energy |Blue Growth | Fintech


5.000,00 Euros

Awards (cash prizes and services worth approx 50,000 Euros): Federica  Web Learning, Invitalia, Materias, Opus automazione, Stress S.c.a.r.l., TecUp
Mentions: InnovUp, Ordine degli  Ingegneri Provincia di Napoli, Premio  Best Practices Confindustria Salerno,  Sellalab, a|cube

THE IV NUMBERS – 2019 to 2021
392 projects submitted by SMEs, startups, research institutes, associations and innovators
80,000 € the amount offered in cash prizes and services

School VillagePromoted and organised with the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies of the University of Naples Federico II, and the Regional School Office of Campania.

Promoted and organised with the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies of the University of Naples Federico II, and the Regional School Office of Campania.

It aims at promoting innovation processes in schools, to strengthen the development of digital culture in the education system and help promoting the most adequate skills to better cope with the new needs of the labour market, while considering the digital transformation in place.

Conferences, events and seminars

I Giardini dell’Innovazione (The innovation Gardens): an area to enhance the school best practies

Innov@ction Area: workshop dedicated to teachers held by experts and companies

Workshops involving companies and institutions related to the education and training sectors.