Airlyn by Voicemed

Airlyn by Voicemed

Digital-health & deep tech company exploiting vocal biomarkers in respiratory diseases. The core tech involves voice analysis and artificial intelligence. The main target is people with asthma (30M in the EU, 5 million in the UK), with a first B2C product that monitors their breathing through breathing exercises, and provide feedback on the evolution of the diseases, and if the person has a risk of having a respiratory attack or not. The business model is, freemium with a monthly subscription for the premium features. The benefits of using our product are to reduce asthma symptoms with breathing exercises and reduce unscheduled healthcare visits with daily self-management through the app and prevent the effects of attacks, by being more informed and prepared for when it comes. After B2C, we will get reimbursed by the NHS (UK) and DIGA (Germany). Our vision is to empower everyone, everywhere to be able to know their well-being.

Proponente: Arianna Arienzo

AT3 – Smart Technologies

Roma, Lazio

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