Pasquale Rovito

Responsabile Innovation & Research e RTD EAV – Ente Autonomo Volturno

He is responsible for the Innovation Research sector of Ente Autonomo Volturno, a company that manages the railway lines of Circumvesuviana, Cumana, and some interconnected railways. He holds the position of Digital Transition Manager for the same organization. He graduated with honours in Computer Science and Statistics. Before focusing on innovation and research at EAV, he worked in the IT sector, overseeing the development of systems for operations (communication systems, public information systems, system integration between existing systems, etc.). In 2015, he won the Smau Digital Innovation award with the in-house developed Esopo system, dedicated to ground-train communication. In his role, he collaborates with innovation hubs in Campania such as Cisco DT Lab, Apple Academy, and DAC (Campania Aerospace District).

I Giurati 2023

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