Valeria Marino

Ambassador – Associazione Donne 4.0

I hold a degree in Mathematics from the “Federico II” University of Naples. From 2011 I began a collaboration with Ciaotech (PNO Group), dealing with technology transfer and technological innovation projects, also within ambitious research and development projects funded by the European Community and the Lazio region. For the activities carried out in these projects I have written various scientific articles published in international journals about innovative methodologies and IT tools to support the innovation processes of small and medium-sized enterprises. Since 2014 I have been responsible for the PNO Group for the development of some open Innovation and business intelligence portals (including From October 2016 I began my collaboration with the Innovation Engineering company, for which I’m currently a shareholder and Sole Director. As part of my collaboration, I was responsible for the development of large research projects funded by the European Community and MISE (PON “WheesBee” project), I managed a working group on an ambitious development project for the banking sector relating to automatic monetary transactions between systems, and I’m managing the company in its growth process. Thanks also to the technological and market success of the IT solution “WheesBee”, in fact, I’m managing the continuous corporate growth that has led Innovation Engineering to have three offices in Italy, a group of over 35 developers, and to open a joint venture in the Netherlands. Recently, I also developed new projects in the open innovation sector involving multinationals at an international level, with an innovative approach both from a technological and business model point of view.

I Giurati 2023

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